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The album's collapse has been attributed to several personal, technical, and legal issues which surrounded its making. The majority of its backing tracks were completed between August and December 1966. A deadline set for January 1967 was missed, and Parks soon distanced himself from the project. In June, the Beach Boys reconvened at Brian's makeshift home studio to record Smiley Smile . Many attempts were then made to complete the original Smile , most of which were derailed by Wilson, who became psychologically traumatized by the album's difficult sessions. It was in the 1980s when bootlegged tracks began circulating widely among record collectors and other music circles. The potential of what Smile could have been inspired many musicians, particularly those in indie rock , post-punk , and chamber pop scenes, and in the absence of an official album, fans were moved to assemble their own various interpretations of Smile using bootlegs and tracks that had been released.

As a child chorister and actor in the 1950s, Parks had sung under the batons of Toscanini and Beecham, performed Silent Night to the accompaniment of Albert Einstein's violin, and appeared in Grace Kelly's final movie. Yet his first substantial contribution to pop music was initially met with incomprehension and disdain when Mike Love, the lead singer of the Beach Boys , took angry exception to the wordy, allusive, double-punning lyrics being supplied by Parks to Wilson, the group's chief composer and resident genius.

Van Dyke Parks - Clang Of The Yankee ReaperVan Dyke Parks - Clang Of The Yankee ReaperVan Dyke Parks - Clang Of The Yankee ReaperVan Dyke Parks - Clang Of The Yankee Reaper