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In 1994 Hawk, Fat Pat , DJ Screw , Lil' Keke and Koldjack, collaborated to form the group . and Dead End Records (named for the dead end block of Martin Luther King Blvd where Hawk grew up in Houston). In late 1998 . released an original independent album entitled, Screwed For Life featuring Lil' Keke , Big Pokey and the rest of the . After the deaths of Hawk's brother (Fat Pat) and DJ Screw and the incarceration of many others SUC members, Hawk's ultimate mission and goal became keeping the "Ghetto Dream" alive. In 1999 Hawk participated in a Southside Playaz compilation album titled You Got Us Fuxxed Up , with Mike D, Claydoe and other members of the . Hawk released his solo album, Under Hawk's Wings on Dead End Records in 2000 and had recorded with Lil' Flip , Lil' Keke , Big Moe , Z-Ro and was featured on the Lil' Troy hit " Wanna Be A Baller ."

Gangsta Pat - #1 SuspectGangsta Pat - #1 SuspectGangsta Pat - #1 SuspectGangsta Pat - #1 Suspect